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I remember the Dungeons and Dragons dice that my boyfriend gave me back in college. He won it in a bet during a game. He treasured it so much and he wanted to give it to me to show me how important I was to him. Apparently, it did not work for us. We parted ways after graduation and never heard from each other since. Then recently, I bumped into him in a grocery store. I was shopping for the ingredients of the dish I was preparing for our pot luck party with friends. He was happy to see me. In turns out, he is works in the office nest to mine. He was still single and living on his own. I was on a schedule so I told him that I have to go home and cook. I invited him over to my place so we could talk if he was not busy. I was surprised that he accepted my invitation. He helped me pick my stuff and carried them home. We talked about life after college and work. I learned that he went overseas after graduation to pursue his internship at a multinational corporation. I told him that I got a job at the a travel agency and have been working there since. He helped me prepare the ingredients to my beef stew. While I was finishing up in the kitchen he moved to my living room. Then he saw the dungeons and dragons dice that he gave me. I had it displayed on the shelf together with several memorabilia. He then reminisced the countless d&d games he played way back then. That particular d&d dice was important to him because he won it in a bet. I told him that if he wants, he could get it back. He said he wanted me to have it.