If you are trying to find an outdoor wedding venue in Somerset it’s important to consider all the different options! If you know what you want then it will be a lot easier to find the perfect venue for where you will tie the knot. The steps to finding the venue start with…

1) Location.

It’s generally a good idea to have a location that is close to where the reception is going to be. That way your guests won’t have to travel far away to get from the ceremony to the reception. If you are having a lot of local guests you should choose a place that is nearby. This will help make sure everyone can get to the location without having to spend a long time traveling.

2) Size.

The size of the outdoor space is always really important! If you are having a really large wedding, you are going to need a space that can fit a lot of chairs. If you are having an intimate wedding, then there are a lot more options available. It’s a good idea to measure out spaces to see if they can fit all the guests you will have.

3) Area.

The area is important to consider because it could be in a public place. With a public area you always run the risk of other people being around. For example, what if you had your wedding at a park? Will there be people laying around in the background? Will there be kids playing soccer? There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to these locations. Make sure you can block off the area so your ceremony goes just how you want!

By considering these things you will be able to explore the available options for ceremony spaces outside. There are a lot of really nice outdoor wedding venues in Somerset.